Welcome to a new semester at the In Common Blog!

Welcome fellow Commoners,

We’re embarking on a new semester here at the Commons and that means that there is a flurry of activity. This semester the Commons Team is working hard to make teaching on the Commons easier so that undergraduate faculty to make use of the Commons for their courses. So I expect we’ll have a lot of interesting student projects and course blogs to browse this year. I’ll also be trying to rope in some of the Commons Development team this semester, maybe with interviews or guest posts, to discuss all of the work that goes on behind the scenes to keep this space up and running (and responding to your requests!). There’s a lot of public work going on even if it doesn’t always appear in the Recent Activity feeds on the Commons home page!

Here on the In Common blog we’ll be kicking off the semester next week with a post about opening your course blogs so they’re public. Hopefully it’ll spark some discussion about what are the benefits of teaching on the Commons and we can collect some of the ways people are already making use of open courses.

Until next week,


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