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InCommon this week – Digital Archives, Personal Sites, and some real talk

Welcome fellow Commoners,

This week, some of the most common ways people make use of the Commons is on display in some beautiful new sites that were created this week.

The Ladies’ Garment Worker Speaks Volumes – This website will chronicle one student’s read through the eight year run of the Ladies Garment Worker’s Union publication (1910-1918). It looks interesting, both a way to document a reading project and a way to highlight for others some of the best finds.

Heather Robinson – Lots of folks use the Commons to create personal or professional pages. This simple and elegant one shows how easy it easy to start crafting your digital presence.

Bree’s American Musical Theater – Another project-in-the-making, this one chronicling Bree’s thinking on the relevance of American musical theater to current issues and debates. She promises provocative discussion on some of the most famous works, including West Side Story, RENT, and the Disney behemoths.

The site that I’m not 100% sure what to do with yet because everything in college is so vague – I couldn’t leave this off. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, there’s a definite internet snark that ensures we don’t get too full of ourselves.

Until next week, enjoy the Commons!


Welcome to the Fall 2018 Semester – Orientation

Welcome back fellow Commoners!

Another semester and it’s another buzz of activity on the Commons. Since it’s the beginning of a new academic year, I thought a kind of orientation to some of the digital initiatives going on around the Commons is called for.

GC Digital Initiatives – A great site to check often, it brings together many of the programs and groups from around all corners of the Commons. Read about workshops, events, resources, DH Institutes, etc. They also have a Twitter handle: 

GC Digital Fellows – Based in the GC Digital Scholarship Lab, these grad students work in–as they describe it–an “in-house think-and-do tank for digital projects, connecting Fellows to digital initiatives throughout The Graduate Center.” They also have a Twitter handle: 

Social Mediums – The Program Social Media Fellows work to promote the scholarship and academic projects of students in each program and help students develop the critical tool sets to manage their digital footprint. Their website, “Social Mediums” includes commentary on recent Social Media news stories as well as tutorials for using various social media platforms (including The Commons). As you’d expect, they have a Twitter handle: .

Hope to see you around the Commons. Until next week,


In Common Spotlight: Interview with Michelle Zimmer, creator of The Bronx Was Brewing

Welcome fellow Commoners,

I’m happy to bring you all another spotlight on a #maker here at the Commons, Michelle Zimmer’s project The Bronx was Brewing.

In the years before prohibition, over sixteen hundred breweries pumped out more than 2 billion gallons of beer a year. By the end of prohibition, only a handful remained. Many of the most famous pre-prohibition breweries survived by making products other than beer–Pabst made cheese; Coors made ceramics; Yuengling made ice cream.

While most people think of Brooklyn as the flannel-clad spiritual home of the craft food movement, Zimmer (MALS 2018) offers a very different view of the brewing industry. Focusing on her home borough of The Bronx, Zimmer explores the rich brewing history of the nineteenth-century when beer was often safer to drink than water.

Zimmer’s project is ambitious, combining the digitized archival documents, original photojournalism, and a scholarly but relatable style. It is a glimpse into the thriving immigrant mecca the Bronx has always been. For me, the lesson in Zimmer’s work is that that industries die out and the cultures that arise in connection with them evolve.

Grab your favorite craft brew, and dive into this interview with Michelle Zimmer about her amazing project.


Note: This interview has been compiled from emails and notes. It has been lightly edited for style and content.