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In Common This Week: The Provost’s Digital Innovation Grant

Welcome fellow Commoners,

This week I want to plug The Graduate Center Provost’s Digital Innovation Grants because the deadline for applying is rapidly approaching (Oct. 20!). Unfortunately, the grant is only open to doctoral students at the CUNY Graduate Center, but taking a look at the Call for Applications, this persuasive post on why you should apply from the GC’s Digital Fellows, and the projects produced by some of last year’s winners can provide inspiration for your future Commons projects (and a reminder that there’s probably money out there somewhere to help you get YOUR interesting project off the ground).

Inequaligram – project analyzes 7,442,454 public Instagram images shared in Manhattan over five months. Using maps and data, the team measures economic inequality to analyze differences in sharing between parts of a city.

The Philip C. Van Buskirk Archive – project to digitize and making freely available the first seven years of the unpublished journals of Philip C. Van Buskirk. The resulting archive is free and publicly available for reading and searching and will eventually also be available to interested scholars to annotate, index, and tag in XML. The original journals are housed in the Special Collections of the University of Washington Libraries, available only on site or on microfilm via interlibrary loan.

RE-VISUALIZING CARE: the digital assemblage – an open-source, multimedia digital assemblage. Created alongside Victoria Restler‘s printed dissertation, Re-visualizing care: Teachers’ invisible labor in neoliberal times, it is designed to showcase and theorize the visual, aural and multimodal components of my research. Alongside traditional methods of qualitative research analysis, I created four “bodies of (art)work” as part of making and making sense of my dissertation data and research. On this website, I present two of these projects together with chapter-length reflexive and analytical texts: rubbing every object and surface in Betty’s math classroom and excessive practice.

Teaching Bilinguals (Even if You’re Not One): A CUNY-NYSIEB Webseries – Join CUNY-NYSIEB Research Assistant, Sara Vogel, on a journey across New York City and State to learn how teachers draw on their students’ diverse language practices as resources in their learning!

The Walden Soundscape –  project ito share the sounds at Walden Pond in Concord, MA with any interested reader of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden in the form of an immersive website experience.

Until next week, get out there and think up some projects!



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