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In Common this Week: Getting News about the Commons Development

Welcome fellow Commoners!

I’ve published a few posts this semester about the development that is always going on behind the scenes to help the Commons evolve to meet the needs of its users. I’ve posted a behind-the-scenes snapshot and highlighted examples of how people have made suggestions and made use of recent changes. This week I want to highlight the official sources of developmental news.

CUNY Academic Commons Development Blog – This site details the routine updates that happen every few weeks. Each release is detailed after it’s up and running and includes a list of all updates (to plugins, themes, etc.). It’s a great place to see how dynamic the Commons really is!

CUNY Academic Commons News – If the Development Blog is for the techie, Commons News is for the layperson. If you want helpful descriptions of new features and major updates, this is the place for you. It also helpfully links to relevant documentation.

Looking forward to the Thanksgiving Holiday next week,


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