Welcome to a New Semester

Welcome back fellow Commoners!

It’s the beginning of a new semester and the changes around The Commons is pretty obvious. The recent push to make teaching on the Commons easier has certainly produced results and browsing around there are so many exciting course sites to be found. It reminds me that one of the most useful aspects of this digital space is that it is shared across CUNY. I’m as guilty as the next person as focusing rather narrowly on the campus on which I teach. When I’m developing a new course I look at the syllabuses of my colleagues at Queens College. There’s no good reason for that–there are wonderful educators with innovative at other schools, too. With more courses from across CUNY on the Commons, it’s a glimpse at the teaching practices and ideas of people from so many campuses. There’s a lot to sort through, but what an incredible shared resource!

I have many plans for this blog this semester. Along the lines of the most popular post from the Fall semester, I’ll be focusing on some of the movers and shakers around the Commons, bringing you brief interviews that give you a glimpses behind-the-scenes of some exciting projects. I’ll also occasionally describe my personal experiences teaching on the Commons this semester. As always, I’ll also be highlighting new posts and sites over the coming weeks.

Get ready fellow community members!



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